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Everything a new baby needs, according to my midwife …

Baby Essential Kit

Image: Flickr / Beck Gusher

“37 weeks – a big milestone,” confirmed our midwife at today’s appointment. It’s official – our little (not so little) bean is full term.

Now the waiting game begins. Will she be early? She’s kindly got herself in a head down, engaged position already but some Googling tells me that doesn’t mean anything. Will she be right on time? Due 2 September, she’s precariously straddling school years. Will she be the baby of one class or the oldest in another? And how important could that be? Will she be late? Just like her Mum, who lounged for an extra 6 days – rudely interrupting Christmas that year – before deciding to making an appearance. Charlie’s office has a book running. His money is on 5 September, meaning a shared Daddy-daughter birthday.

“How do you feel? Ready?,” asked the midwife.

I thought about saying “can you ever feel ready?” but instead went with “we’ve finally bought most of the baby things, so I think so.” It seemed more positive.

“You do know a baby only needs three things,” she replied.

I’ve seen some very long lists of essential kit, so was intrigued.

“Parents, food and love,” she continued. “Everything else is decoration.”

Practically, I know the hospital isn’t going to let us take home a naked, nappy-less baby with no car seat. But it’s quite beautiful to think we’ve had the most important kit in our home the whole time.



13 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Oh yes, I can relate to that! I am so busy with trying to get all of the things ready for our little girl. It’s kind of a distraction. I love what your midwife said to you (and just love midwives in general).


  2. Aww that’s lovely, nice thought even if it is a bit impractical in reality! Congrats on hitting the 37 weeks milestone too! Xx


    • Haha yes it’s definitely all about the sentiment. Nice to keep in mind when I’m making my husband look at the 20th different baby bouncer option as though it’s the most important decision in the entire world …


  3. Reaching 37 weeks is so great! Loved that feeling and if only bubs needed food, love and parents! It would make for a very cheap baby!
    The amount of things we got given and bought for this tiny thing is amazing and to be honest, we pretty much used everything!


    • Haha true on cheapness – my Mum is still semi-convinced a blanket in the bottom of a chest of drawers is all we need! She is totally baffled by all the extra stuff compared to when my brothers & I were babies.

      But I must admit to also loving all the great kit. Can’t wait until we can use it all.


  4. This is a beautifully simple post. And your midwife is very right. So easy to get caught up in all the extra stuff that’s on the market and promoted to us. Congratulations on reaching the 37 week mark! Lovely post for #BlogBumpClub again, thank you for sharing. x


    • Thank you for the kind comment. We’ve literally just finished the nursery and I do love to stand in there and look at the little baby things … but what I’m most excited about is the little girl that’s going go in it 🙂

      Strange / exciting to think will no longer be in blog’bump’club and belong to blog’baby’club soon! x


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