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I thought my bump was impressive at 22 weeks. Ah how sweetly naive I was then …

I’m still two weeks away from my due date, but if I had to summarise first-time pregnancy, I’d describe it as a continual voyage of discovery. Everything is new. Everything is surprising. If we decide to have a second in the future, I don’t doubt it will still be exciting. But I can imagine many of the feelings this time round will be replaced with a comforting sense of familiarity.

The size of my bump is one constant source of surprise. Every few weeks I express that I don’t think I can get any bigger without exploding. But I obviously can. The human body is remarkable.

When I started this blog, 22 weeks pregnant, I genuinely felt like some sort of waist-less barrel. I can now happily look back at that first photo and realise this was nothing. I could still wear jeans back then. Now, my wardrobe choices have narrowed to roomy dresses, yoga pants, leggings and the contents of my husband’s wardrobe.

Pregnancy Bump Week 22 vs Week 38

With this pregnancy drawing so close to the end, I’ve become a mixed bag of emotions. And, generally, much more emotional. I lost a necklace a week or so ago and cried about it in the car for about 15 minutes. I’m not by nature a crier. Sometimes I find myself stood frozen in our nursery, just staring at the little clothes all ready in preparation for our girl. At the same time, I often find myself reminiscing about the experiences of this pregnancy. Like Janus, I am looking with excitement at the future and fondness at the past.

With just two weeks left, it seems fair to say this one more time: surely I can’t grow any bigger?!


Anyone with multiple children / on a second pregnancy – how did you find the second time vs. the first? And has anyone else been constantly surprised at how big a bump can grow?!


6 thoughts on “Whaling

  1. I’ve never been pregnant, but my sister-in-law has been, twice. She said the exact thing you say at the top of the post. It’s still exciting, but more familiar. + you already have one little bub that you have to take care of, so you have to divide your attention (already!).


  2. You look great! I remember my first little bump appearing at 22ish weeks, and now at 31 weeks, I realize I had no idea! Sending you the best for the next few weeks until you meet your little girl.


  3. I keep marveling, too, at the human body. How does it keep making room? I’m carrying a 6-plus-pound human, and it just keeps stretching for him to continue packing on the weight. You look fantastic, and I hope you’re feeling great too. Two more weeks!


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