Milly Sell, blog author

Welcome to DamBaby …

I’m Milly, a repatriated expat. After five years of Amsterdam adventure, the husband, dog, daughter and I are now back on British soil.

I started this blog as a way to catalogue my experiences of having a baby in a different country. Through it, I’ve had the unexpected opportunity to exchange views with people from all over the world. I feel richer for it.

These days I may write less frequently, but I’m always thankful that I started this project. I can look back with nostalgia at my daughter’s six-week routine and realise how far my family has come.

Get in touch

You can find me on Twitter: @millysell

Or through old-fashioned email: millysell1981@gmail.com

And please feel welcome to comment on posts. I’ll always reply (even if it takes a while).


4 thoughts on “About

    • Haha that’s ok – it sounds like the sort of thing I’d do with my pregnancy brains. All goes well and the countdown is on – 7 weeks to go. Thanks for the message!


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