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Baby Shops, Amsterdam

Whether they’re online, offline, for clothes, furniture or toys, here are the baby shops I’d recommend in the Netherlands – and beyond …

Pre-baby, I wrote a blog post about the ‘stuff’ your baby really needs, based on a conversation with my midwife. As nice as it is to think food and love is enough, you will also end up buying a lot (and if you’re lucky, being given a lot) for your new bambino.

There are a bewildering array of baby products out there and people who’d like to sell them to you – sometimes at great expense. If you’re in the market for baby goods, here’s my favourite shops in, or able to deliver to, Amsterdam / the Netherlands.

Physical Shops, Amsterdam

Baby Boem

ERGOBaby Carrier AmsterdamShop in a nutshell ? Nestled incongruously among the bustling Ten Katemarkt stalls, Baby Boem modestly claims to be a buggy (‘kinderwagen’) shop but is in fact a delightful upmarket baby shop with a range of products.

Good for … Buggies and accessories, baby carriers including the fantastic ERGOBaby, baby clothes and accessories. They also offer great service – we tried the carrier with our baby in before buying.

Bad for … Budget shoppers.


Zara Home / Zara Mini 

Shop in a nutshell ? EZara Mini Home Baby Blanket Amsterdam Netherlandsveryone knows Spanish high-street store Zara. Their Home and Mini ranges have items specifically for babies.

Good for … A mixture of nursery-related goods – blankets in particular, plus curtains – and a great range of clothing from this high street brand. I love their sense of fashion and the price is reasonable. Also convenient online ordering with home delivery or nearest store pick-up.

Bad for … Like all things Zara, the quality is never top-notch. Clothing doesn’t last well with multiple washes. But, with the speed of little ones growth it’s not such an issue.


Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau Dress Baby Girl Netherlands Amsterdam NauticalShop in a nutshell ? Beautiful French clothing shop, with stores in the Netherlands.

Good for … Gorgeous, great quality clothes. They’re expensive though. So maybe hint you love it for gifts.

Bad for … Your wallet. 



Etos Nappies Netherlands AmsterdamShop in a nutshell ? Pharmaceutical chain with around 500 stores across the country.

Good for … Main brand / Etos own-brand pharma products – nappies, wipes, creams, dummies. Otrivin Nose Cleaner (neusreiniger) for blocked noses. Tends to be reasonably priced.

Bad for … Anything other than main brands, e.g. smaller organic ranges.  


Eko Plaza

Biological Organic Baby Oil Amsterdam NetherlandsShop in a nutshell ? Organic / biological supermarket

Good for … Less mainstream organic products. We bought Weleda baby oil from here – perfect for after-bath massages.

Bad for … Budget purchases. Anything other than organic.


Goochem Speelgoed

goochem speelgoed wooden lamaze toys amsterdamShop in a nutshell ? 
A proper, old-fashioned, Amsterdam toy shop with two stories full of wooden toys, games and soft animals.

Good for … Classy toys that last, like the classic rolling marble on wooden slopes. Also sells Lamaze toys, like the ubiquitous pram firefly (pictured).

Bad for … Very cheap toys. Big brands. Plastic.


Bugaboo Store

Bugaboo Store AmsterdamShop in a nutshell ? Dutch buggy brand Bugaboo’s store in central Amsterdam which includes all their limited editions as well as their products and accessories.

Good for … If you’re in the Amsterdam area and know you want to buy a Bugaboo (read my review of the Bugaboo Chameleon), by getting it from the store they can make it up for you. This is a task that looked very complex, and allowed us to push the pram away immediately – no waiting for delivery.

Bad for … There’s no price advantage of going into the store and of course they don’t have other brands there. It’s just a handy Bugaboo world if you’re in the area and know for sure that’s the model you want.

Website: Bugaboo Store Facebook page


Imaginarium amsterdam rattle baby toyShop in a nutshell ? A Willy Wonka-esque Spanish-origin toy shop. They have a small number of stores worldwide, including in Amsterdam. True to their child-focus, little people get their own tiny door to enter through.

Good for … All sorts of toys, suitable from birth to pre-teen. The range includes rattles, bath toys, puzzles, bikes, creative sets, science products, books and musical instruments. It’s not as offensively ‘girls vs. boys’ in screaming pinks and blues as some other shops either.

Bad for … It might lack the range, or some of the better known brands of other toy shops if that’s what you’re looking for. And, although they do sell wooden toys, it veers more towards plastic and new tech.

Website: Imaginarium – online shopping available


tinkerbell toys amsterdam hand puppetShop in a nutshell ? Another great toy shop in Amsterdam centrum – a small store packed full of a wide variety of toys.

Good for … From birth to older children, they have soft toys and pram toys, creative items like magnificent puppets, hundreds of games, hobby horses, dressing up items, science kits etc. all packed into one room. There’s a bear blowing bubbles outside which is quite cool. And they do a loyalty card (scrap of paper). 

Bad for … Happy service. Without launching into a general grumble about Dutch customer service … I’d expect friendlier faces in a toy shop.

Website: Tinkerbell Toys

Dutch Online Retailers

Baby Dump 

Baby Dump Nursery Furniture Amsterdam NetherlandsShop in a nutshell ? The horribly named Baby Dump is one of the big three Dutch baby megastores, along with Baby Park and Prenatal. Cheaper than Prenatal, you can either visit their stores (in out-of-town locations) or buy online. For UK readers – the concept is a bit like Argos but purely for babies.

Good for … All your major items. Nursery furniture & decorations, car seat, baby bath & changing mat, nappy disposal, baby bouncers.

Bad for … Your sense of baby zen. Being in the store made me panic about everything we hadn’t bought / didn’t even know what it was for. In the end, we just looked around the store then ordered online back home. Prices are the same. Also, we’ve had delivery issues due to missing parts.


Snuzpod Co-sleeper baby Amsterdam NetherlandsShop in a nutshell ? An upmarket online store and importer of goods from outside the Netherlands. 

Good for … We bought our SnuzPod co-sleeper there, made in the UK. Bonus: no waiting list to get it, which there is in the UK. And delivery was very fast.

Bad for … I ordered a few items of clothing, then received an email to say many weren’t in stock. They refunded me immediately and were very nice about it on email but still disappointing when that happens.


Op Een Wolkje 

Pacifier Clip Holder Dummy Amsterdam NetherlandsShop in a nutshell ? A funny little online site with a mixture of bath and swim gear, toys, and outdoor-related gifts.

Good for … Clever clips that stop you losing dummies / pacifiers (yes we use them – don’t judge!), towels that wrap around your neck to make getting baby in / out of bath easier and blankets. Also, the wrapping and care on delivery is brilliant.

Bad for … Budget shoppers. People looking for a one-stop shop.


International Online Retailers

Baby Gap


Baby Gap EU bundlerShop in a nutshell ? The American clothing company may not be somewhere I’d shop for myself, but their baby clothes are good quality and include some of my best buys.

Good for … Clothes of all kinds, but particularly the essentials. Their bodysuits are soft and easy to put on, saving tears at changing time. Their baby bundler (pictured) is fantastic for Winter. We can put baby in it in the pram quickly and easily in whatever she’s wearing. We’ve tested it successfully for snuggliness into minus temperatures.

Bad for … They wouldn’t be my first choice for high fashion or party pieces. Not that we buy much of that for baby. And I’ve found their delivery to the Netherlands to be slow – they’ve taken up to two weeks.




Dog baby playing together yogaShop in a nutshell ? A UK clothing company. Their adult clothing is pretty dull but their children’s clothes are fantastic.

Good for … Their clothing range is absolutely massive. For every season, from very casual pieces, to swimming costumes, party outfits, and looks for style-conscious kids (parents). Great price point too.

Bad for … The materials don’t tend to be amazing quality. The T-shirts ideally need ironing after washing, which I’d rather not.



What baby shops would you recommend in the Netherlands, or that do delivery? Or even any that don’t reach Dutch shores that I’m missing out on? Let me know. 


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