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Imaginative questions to ask new parents

Anything to avoid the ‘sleep’ one … 

I’ve read a few blog posts lately – like this one from My Dear Bean, or this one from Mother’s Always Right – that lead me to one conclusion: parents around the world are getting asked ad nauseam whether their baby sleeps through the night.  The problem is, it’s a massively loaded question and in about 90% of cases (based on a statistically poor sample of my friends) the answer is ‘no, they don’t’. In my experience this has this delightful double effect of making you feel like an inadequate parent AND reminding you that a good nights sleep has become some sort of unattainable fantasy. Cheers.

So, next time you’re having a casual chat with new parents (or I guess any parent), here’s some more imaginative questions to try.

Questions for new parents FEET

1. “What’s the most interesting location you’ve changed a nappy in?”

2. “What’s the strangest activity you’ve discovered that makes your baby laugh, and how many times in a row have you repeated it to keep them giggling?”

3. “How long have you pretended to still be asleep for in the middle of the night to see if your partner would get up and see to the crying baby first?”

4. “What is the weirdest outfit you’ve put your child in because everything else was dirty?”

5. “How much time do you spend Googling odd medical / behavioural symptoms?”

6. “What are your top three nursery rhymes?”

7. “When you read books with your baby do they usually try to eat the book?”

8. “When your baby is falling asleep, do they make odd grunting sounds, a bit like a goat?”

9. “What is the most inappropriate / unfortunate time you’ve discovered your outfit had bits of baby food / vomit on it?”

10. “Tell me about a typical day with your child.”

11. “When you’re going through your book of animals and making the sounds, what do you do for the camel / hedgehog / tortoise / worm.”

12. “On an average day, how many cups of tea / coffee do you make then find again later, still full and completely cold?”

13. “If necessary, how quickly can you take a shower?”

14. “Old-school wooden toys, or bright new ones with flashing lights and sounds?”

15. “How long does it take you to leave the house, counting from the moment you start thinking about it to the moment you actually get out the door?”


Any other alternative questions you’d like added? Just drop them in the comments and I’ll expand the list. Or, alternatively, share some of your answers to the above.

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4 thoughts on “Imaginative questions to ask new parents

  1. Numbers 3 and 11!! Haha!! My husband and I often have competitions to see who can ignore the crying the of us caves eventually! My girl is loving reading at the moment and I really struggle with the camel noises, sort of a ‘huurrumph’ type noise!? Haven’t come across a tortoise, hedgehog or worm as of yet but I’m sure some random noise will come out for those! #brilliantblogposts


    • I’ve tapped my husband on the back before to tell him to get out of bed and deal with it and he had the cheek to pretend I woke him up! Fake yawn, stretch, the whole works … if only he hadn’t then burst out laughing, he might have got away with it …


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