Baby Brain

The Six-Month Evolution

The six-month mark has been our biggest baby milestone to date. Not just because of the age – but because of the pace of developments … 

Six month baby eating amsterdam

A few days ago, after I’d brought my baby home from daycare, I noticed something odd happening with her right arm. She kept beating it up and down, bashing anything in its path, like a one-winged bird trying to take flight. “What are you doing with your arm?” I enquired, in response to which she looked at me with excitement and started thwacking me in the face.

This small but momentous movement was the latest in a series of developments. As my baby passed her six month birthday, someone seemed to have lit a fire underneath her. Now, every other day I seem to notice something new. For example:

– She is now insistent she wants to hold the bottle during feeding time. She’s not quite dextrous enough and can’t get the right height needed for the last dregs, but essentially I am now redundant.

– We made the monumental move of having her sleep in her own bedroom, after weeks of my husband suggesting it was time. Not only is she now sleeping better, but we get to hear the entertaining ‘chatty’ noises as she wakes up from the comfort of our own room.

– She will, if the mood is right, roll from her belly to her back (this was one of those devastating ‘firsts’ that initially happened at daycare, instead of in front of us). Apparently she’s not a performing monkey and won’t roll on demand . Sometimes she’ll just lie obstinately with her head on her hands until we put her onto her back again.

– ‘Solid’ food is now part of the routine. I use quotations, because the pureed fruit and veg mush I offer her is barely a solid. But it’s a lot more adventurous than milk. It means the two of us can have snack time together – coffee and chocolate for me, water and fruit for her. And, she sits increasingly upright in her high chair. Recently, she’s looking like she’d like to wriggle her way right out of it.

– She has some hair. She is no longer my beloved baldilocks. And, considering she was born with dark brown waves, it’s an oddly auburn fluff emerging.

– Her hands are no longer her best friends – that honour has moved to her feet. Give her access to her toes and she doesn’t need any toys.

There are more things. Little miracles, as she discovers how to use a new part of body or brain. It’s rewarding to see, and at the same time, takes her further and further away from that newborn that needed hour upon hour of cuddles. On reflection, although I enjoyed that time, I’m delighting even more in seeing her grow now.

Here’s to the next six months.

6 month baby holding bottle


What were some of the major – or minor – milestones you most noticed with your baby? And did you find yourself longing for the past, or feeling more excited about the future?


4 thoughts on “The Six-Month Evolution

  1. Congratulations on being a mommy to this little darling for 6 months! Those milestones make all of this parenting all the more special and meaningful. It is such a delight to watch the grow and change but it also happens so quickly. Do you ever feel like you just want time to stop for a moment? =)


    • Thank you. Yes, and no, on stopping time. I feel more aware of time than I ever have before, which in some ways is terrifying. But I’m so proud of every step she takes forward (and feel like she gets less and less vulnerable) … so I wouldn’t change that for the world.

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    • Hey Stephanie … thanks for the comment. I’ve been busy being a rubbish blogger. But hopefully a better Mama. You’ve inspired me to write something again though – so – thanks for that. Last 3 months have been fantabulous. The little lady has a little personality. It melts my heart. xx


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