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Baby Classical Music Concert, Amsterdam

To quote my husband: “the things they come up with these days for money”… 

Amsterdam baby activities classical music piano

Flickr: Piano / Martijn de Valk

Back when I was a baby, I’m pretty sure entertainment was a small number of wooden toys, in combination with whatever was lying around the house. Spoons. Sheets. Boxes. Bits of leftover material. The curious imagination of a baby could find hours of entertainment to be had with these everyday objects.

Today, there are an endless variety of toys and entertainments available for babies. Particularly in a creative city like Amsterdam. From baby yoga, swimming classes and sensory sessions to baby classical music concerts. In my opinion, most of these are designed to keep parents sane and social. Baby development is an added bonus. Firstly, they allow you to get out of the house and be with a load of other adults, having (slightly) adult conversation. Secondly, at any of these, no-one cares if your baby is screaming their head off. Finally, they give a bit of creative inspiration. Frankly – no matter how full and fun I try to make staying at home – if I haven’t left the house once, by the end of the day I’m tired and Captain No Fun.

Baby classical music concerts. In a nutshell, a classical performer – when we went, a single pianist – plays simple, baby-friendly tunes in a small concert hall filled with parents and children under the age of three. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star in multiple variations. Did the children love it? Who can say for certain. But the older ones were happily running round and round the piano. And, for a small portion of it, our DamBaby sat on our knee listening intently (before crying very loudly with hunger and spending the remainder enjoying a bottle of milk). I’d definitely go again. See notes on getting out of the house, meeting other parents, and creative inspiration.

It was also one of the few activities I’ve managed to drag my husband along to. Mainly because it was on a weekend, and I promised him beer afterwards.

Find baby classical music concerts, Amsterdam here 


What baby / children activities do you like to do to keep yourself sane and your little one entertained?


7 thoughts on “Baby Classical Music Concert, Amsterdam

  1. I think I’m a bit odd because I quite like baby groups, we go to messy play a fair bit. I would definitely have gone to that classical concert. When I was small I went to playgroup once a week (and hated it) but that was it.


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