Baby Brain


Or, why I’ll never feel guilty about huge gaps between blog posts … 

DamBaby high chair 4 month baby

Have you ever taken a break from an activity for so long that the pressure of re-starting begins to weigh heavily on you? Like not going to the gym for months. Or not reading a book for a year. Or not writing a blog post in four weeks. If you’re anything like me, the longer the gap is, the more monumental my ideas become about starting again. ‘I’m going to start a gym regime where I go consistently four times a week!’ I think to myself, with admirable delusion. Then I choose a significant start date for my brilliant plan of action – a Monday, or maybe the start of a month – because after all who can start a serious new routine on a Wednesday mid-month?! Then the whole thing becomes so overwhelming that all the joy is removed from it.

The reason I haven’t blogged for four weeks is because life – and particularly the festive season – has got in the way of opening a laptop. I say ‘got in the way.’ I don’t mean that. I love my blog, but life should always come first. Now, though, with 2015 upon me  I was starting to get concerned that I needed to write the world’s most comprehensive blog post to make up for such a big break. The thought of it wasn’t a pleasure. And for me blogging should always make me happy, or it’s not worth the time.

So, I’ve decided to scrap the monumental post. Instead, here’s a one paragraph summary of the last four weeks. Let’s call it the #RapidRecap:

Took road trip to UK. Saw family. Saw friends. Saw friends’ new babies. Marvelled at how big our DamBaby (DB) seemed. DB turned four months. DB sat in a high chair (briefly). DB started sleeping through the night, then got sick and started waking every 2 hours again. We had lunches out and walks on the beach with the dog. The dog wee’d on my Mum’s carpet. The dog rolled in fox poo and made the house smell. We celebrated Christmas, my birthday and New Year. We laughed, we argued, and everywhere we went loving arms held our gorgeous girl.

The End.

So, Happy 2015. Hope it’s a year that brings health and happiness. And should you break your resolutions, just pick them up again, guilt-free.



12 thoughts on “Life

  1. I know how you feel – my blogging died a death over Christmas! I actually thought I’d write more but who was I kidding, with two little ones around full time (not to mention a husband hanging around) I got absolutely nothing done – I realised though that I didn’t really mind! Back to it next week hopefully, just trying to get my brain in gear.
    I really like your little recap, sounds like a pretty good Christmas!


    • Yes exactly the same, I thought I’d be swimming in time to write … but actually with everyone on a break we were doing other activities all the time. And just like you – I didn’t mind at all. It certainly was a good Christmas!

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  2. Oh man, the pressure totally got to me and I shot out 3 posts in a row. And I’m also starting a new gym regime next week, ha!


    • Haha this is usually me every year! Just giving myself a break. Although I’ve also been discussing at least a more healthy regime. The Christmas excess (and general sugar consumption since having a baby) has to stop!
      Happy New Year – wishing you a wonderful 2015.

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  3. I am exactly the same, particularly with exercise! This year my New Years resolution isn’t to loose weight or go to the gym, but to work less and spend more time with family 🙂 xx


  4. This was the best recap! I loved the honesty and the fabulous glimpse into the Holidays. I hope you enjoyed the break and continue to enjoy each day with your precious little one. Our little H is now 6 months old and I too paused the blogging over the Holiday to just savor it all.


    • Thank you! It was also a cheeky way to save myself hours of blogging. Hard to make time with littles ones isn’t it? And 6 months already, amazing. I’m really loving this phase of learning and development (ours is 4.5 months). So fascinating to see all the new things they suddenly learn to do! – A very happy 2015 to you all.


  5. I had a blog break over Christmas and it felt really good, I posted twice I think and blogging is my job so I went from 5 times a day to twice in 3 weeks. A break is good, I eased myself back in gently. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts. Please do add my badge or link back if you can. Happy NY x


  6. I loved your #rapidrecap! I’ll have to steal that idea one day lol. I’m sorry but I giggled at the bit about the dog. I woke up on January the 1st to find our dog had peed on my brand new trainers and my laptop, a great start to the new year huh lol.
    Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars x


    • Haha thank you – the rapid recap is the lazy blogging way to cover a big gap! They’re loveable menaces these dogs aren’t they? Just when you think you’ve got them trained …
      Wishing you a very happy 2015 🙂


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