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I Love … Petit Bateau Cagoule

More hat, less tears … 

Petit Bateau cagoule winter baby hat amsterdam

My baby hates getting dressed or undressed. Other than the odd relaxed occasion where we share smiles and babbling chat as she lies on her changing mat, clothes are the enemy and creator of tantrums. “She’s not going to be a professional model with that attitude,” offered our Kraamzorg when DamBaby was a week old. Well, quite.

My favourite baby wardrobe items are nearly all based on ease and speed of use. It doesn’t matter how cute they look, over-the-head, long-sleeved bodysuits with tight necks are a nightmare. Ditto anything with stiff shoulders that you have to wrench an arm into. And God forbid those times I trap a thumb or finger when trying to get her hands, balled into a boxer’s fist, out the end of her sleeves. What I want is soft, flexible cotton and handy poppers.

Hats are a major source of tears in our house. Pulling something onto her head – usually in such an inept manner that I awkwardly jab her skull – is bad enough. Continually fussing at the hat as it rides up over her ears adds insult to injury.

If you suffer similar clothes and hat-based incidents, I’d recommend a cagoule-style hat. Yes your little one ends up looking a bit like a scuba diver, but the design means once it’s on, it’s on. Besides, I find the scuba look endearing. It’s fuller coverage makes it warm in Winter too. I like to go for the ‘hat double’ – cagoule underneath fleecy pram bundler (right-hand picture).

Petit Bateau have lovely, soft, wool-cotton mix cagoule hats. They’re a bit pricey but, in my house at least, it’s worth it to save the tears.

Petit Bateau website


What are your Winter essentials? And any tips for happy baby-dressing? 


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