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I Love … PBlogger Linkys

Blogging: it’s a social sport … 

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I’m not ashamed to admit I like people reading and commenting on my blog posts. I set out writing for myself. But it gives me great satisfaction to think my experiences could be helping, entertaining or just filling someone else’s time. Much better than just blogging into the void.

PBlogger (‘Parent blogger’) linkys allow me to connect with fellow family blog writers.  If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, linkys (or, link ups) are basically a blog page on a theme. In the parenting world, it could be the theme of ‘Mums with twins’. One blogger hosts the linky. Technical linky software then allows other bloggers to connect relevant posts. These posts appear in a long list on the specific page. By browsing this list, participating bloggers can discover like-minded writers, be inspired, gain new visitors to your own site and feel part of a community.

Linkys take time and dedication from the bloggers who host them. So, here’s my shout-out of thanks to those I’ve participated in, and those that look good. Now, go get your linky on.

Linkys for every day of the week


Magic Moments: Celebrating the good things in life.

Blogger: The Oliver’s Madhouse


Tried & Tested Tuesday: Sharing product and experience recommendations.

Blogger: Family Fever


Share With Me: Your favourite posts

Blogger: Lets Talk Mommy


Brilliant Blog Posts: Any posts you want to champion

Blogger: Honest Mum


Post Comment Love: Posts you’re proud of

Blogger: Ve Vi Vos


Looking for Linkys …


Sunday Stars: Sharing the posts you’re most proud of.

Blogger: Mami2five // Sunday Stars Twitter

Seasonal Linkys

Festive Linky: Christmas themed posts

Blogger: Mumsnet

My Expat Family: Blogs posts about expat family life, held every second Thursday of the month

Blogger: Seychelles Mama


Are there any brilliant link-ups I’ve missed? And are you a social blogger, or are you happy to be your own audience?


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