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I Love … Otrivin Baby Nose Cleaner (neusreiniger)

Newsflash: Babies Cannot Do Many Things That Adults Can. Like blow their nose. Faced with the trauma of a baby with a cold, here are some of the many methods parents use, and why Otrivin is my favourite … 

Otrivin Baby Neusjesreiniger Amsterdam Cold


Disclaimer: If you have a very sensitive disposition, skip the review and trust me when I say it helps clear a blocked nose.

Most of my little girls abilities / inabilities have came as no surprise. She can’t walk or talk. Obviously. So, if she’s feeling poorly, she certainly can’t tell me what’s wrong or take a stroll to the medicine cabinet to get herself a paracetamol. Equally, she’s not going to hop on the bicycle, head to a pharmacist, whip out her debit card and buy some drugs. She’s only 11 weeks old, cut her some slack.

Some developmental areas have been unexpected. The hours and hours of loud grunting necessary to produce a burp / fart / poo? Didn’t know about that before. The windmill-style arm waving in the middle of her sleep? Also new news. And, the inability to blow her own nose. When you think about it, it’s obvious that nose-blowing is a complex physical process. According to the babycenter, most children learn by the age of two. This means two whole years of parental aid required for every cold and stuffy nose.

A cold is surprisingly traumatic for a baby. They’re fairly miserable as an adult. But a baby with a temperature, and who can only breathe through their mouth, is a very unhappy one. Not only is my girl unable to sleep well, she no longer accepts a pacifier and hates lying on her belly, or even totally flat. So, we’ve put towels under her bed so she’s not lying horizontal, during playtime prop her head on a little pillow and are suffering the sleep deprivation of being woken again every 2 hours in the night.

And, we’ve found a solution that simulates nose blowing to give her – and us – some relief.


Otrivin Nose Cleaner (neusreiniger): The Review

What’s good about it?

When my little one first had a cold, I asked many parents how they fix it. Some of the methods include:

  • Steam – taking baby into the bathroom with you while having a hot shower and putting in a bouncy chair so they can breathe in the steam
  • Cutting an onion in half and putting on a plate near baby’s bed
  • The true old-school method: put your mouth against their nostril and suck. Yes really. I can’t think about it too hard or I feel nauseous

Otrivin’s nose cleaner is the most effective method I’ve found, without the hideous thought of getting their snot in your mouth. Yes, it involves inserting the device into one nostril at a time and sucking. But the mechanics of it means the goop comes out, but has no possibility of reaching you. It really is a very effective clearer. Oddly satisfying to see the results. It doesn’t fix the cold. But it offers great temporary relief.

What could be better?

The device has disposable tips that you insert in baby’s nostrils. These are single use. The original product only comes with two of these, so you have to purchase spares. This makes it a relatively expensive solution. But, working out at around €0.50 per clean, it’s a cost I’m happy to pay.

In Amsterdam, Otrivin neusreiniger is available from Etos


Do you have any other tried and tested methods for relieving a baby’s cold?


9 thoughts on “I Love … Otrivin Baby Nose Cleaner (neusreiniger)

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  2. In the summer, in the UK, l found an amazing rub called “SnuffleBabe”. It works like a charm if you rub it on their clothes (too strong for their skin until they are 3 months). 🙂


    • Isn’t it? I feel so helpless not being able to explain what’s wrong to her. That said, I get an odd pleasure using the snot sucker … And she seems to enjoy it too! Little weirdo.


  3. We have a similar bit of kit from another brand, affectionately known as the “snot snucker” in our house. Every family needs one!
    Thanks for linking up wtih #TriedTested this week x


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