Baby Brain


Having a baby has reminded me of the fragile, precious nature of time …

Baby growth week 1 to 10

It’s hard to believe that just 10 weeks ago we were holding our daughter, on her first day in the world. That tiny, jaundice-brown baby who could manage nothing but to sleep, eat and cry at the shock of leaving her warm, comforting, nine-month home. Now, just over two months later, she’s smiling. Almost laughing. Holding her head up, fascinated by every new sight and sound. And she’s growing so fast into a robust little girl. As an adult I can speak to people after several months gap and summarise what I’ve been doing with “same old, same old.” Every day brings something new in the life of a baby. Monumental physical and mental feats. I recently went away without my husband for a week and he was shocked at the change he saw in her. The passage of time has never been so noticeable.

When I look back at photos of her, I feel a mixture of pride and sadness. I can’t wait to see the development every new day brings. But I also want time to stand still, to hang onto these precious baby moments forever.



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