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I Love … ERGObaby Original Carrier

Valium for babies. Liberation for parents hands … 

ERGOBaby Carrier Amsterdam

During my recent baby-showing tour of the UK, a kind-hearted Aunt asked if I ever longed for a moment of my ‘previous’ life. I understood what she meant. I adore my girl. But the idea of a swift pre-baby 24 hours in which I could sleep solidly, pop out to the house to the shops without it being a major event and perhaps drink too much has a certain appeal.

Sleep acquires a whole new significance as a parent. Shut-eye is no longer dictated by the moments when you feel tired. It’s defined by when your baby fancies a rest. This is a daily lottery. A day filled with several settled naps and long blocks of night sleep can be immediately followed by a day of absolutely no sleep and continual grizzling. Sadly, humans have failed to master unihemispheric slow-wave sleep, which allows one half of the brain at a time to sleep while the other stays alert. More’s the pity.

"Sadly, humans have failed to master unihemispheric slow-wave sleep, 
which allows one half of the brain at a time to sleep while the other 
stays alert".

Loss of control over the day can be frustrating and demoralising. I used not to understand why non-working parents didn’t take all, or at least the lion’s share, of domestic responsibility. Now I realise that, even though you may be in the house most of the day, you may not have a second to yourself if you have a demanding infant.

And herein, in the battle between sleep and freedom, lies the simple beauty of the ERGOBaby Original Carrier.

My little V can be wailing like a banshee, but the moment I pop her in it her head donks onto my chest and she’s out like a light. This means, whether my intention was to go out, or purely to do some jobs around the house, that my arms are liberated. Happy baby. Happy Mummy.

The ERGOBaby also offers that other number one parenting priority: safety. There are a number of articles – like this Australian one – arguing that forward-facing carriers are a bad idea, risking hip dysplasia among other things. As the ERGOBaby carrier has the baby positioned facing you, it’s potentially better for the baby.

The carrier is sturdy and relatively easy to use – the top back strap is a bit fiddly to do up without help.

It might not help in the epic task of increased night sleep. But something that guarantees that at least some of my day includes a comfortable, snoozy baby is good enough.

In Amsterdam, you can buy the ERGOBaby carrier in Baby Boem


Do you use a baby carrier? If so, which one? Or do you have any other magic tricks to encourage sleep?


18 thoughts on “I Love … ERGObaby Original Carrier

  1. I love our Ergobaby Carrier. I also have their wrap carrier and am sort of coveting the Ergobaby 360 (but since we have the original it doesn’t make sense to also have the 360, right?).


  2. We have a Lillebaby Complete which is similar to the Ergobaby. What’s great about these kind of carriers even when your kids are much bigger – I can still comfortably carry my son who is 16 months (and the size of a two year old!)


  3. I’ve got a close caboo for around the house and an ergo baby for going on dog walks and rugby matches! I find that my baby sometimes plonks her head straight forwards when she’s in the carrier (she’s 4 weeks old) so I am constantly trying to turn her head to the side!


    • Dog walks & rugby matches (happy to hear you’re not playing with the baby in the carrier!) … Your family sounds just like ours. Same with the head in the carrier! Suddenly at 8 weeks she grew bigger & head stronger that I’m not constantly removing a sweaty cheek / nose from my chest. They’re obviously very comfy in there! – thanks for your comment


  4. The Ergo ROCKS! I’ve just literally given mine to a friend with a new baby after using it for both of my little ones. I’m gutted that the Little Man is now too heavy for me to use it with him (it doesn’t soothe him like it used to now that he’s almost two!) but if we were to have another one (which we are most definitely NOT) I would buy one again in a heart beat. Superbly made, brilliantly designed. A must-have new Mum item in my book.


    • It’s obviously got a large passionate fan base – everyone who has one seems to love it! I can’t imagine carrying my little one in it aged two either. I’m going to have to get a lot stronger by then just to lift her in my arms!
      Thanks for stopping by & commenting.


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  8. Hi Milly! Well, I’ve 3 types of baby carriers, 1 mei tai (I made this one and I love it), 1 fast Sling and 1 dryfit Sling for hot weather in Brazil. I tried to use Ergo Baby for a time but I still prefer the other ones. Actually, my prefered is my Dryfit Sling, its easy (for me, cuz for some people is a quite difficult), it get dry very fast, and you know, with a baby reflux we need always to wash everything a lot of times, and its super small to put on my purse. I didn’t found any Sling in Netherlands with this material (dryfit with UV protection).


    • Thanks – I’ve actually never heard of the Dryfit Sling before. If / when baby number two comes along – will have to check it out. Yep. The mounds and mounds of washing generated by a baby. I know it well.


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