I Love ...

I Love … Sock Ons

Babies kick off their socks in a nanosecond. Sock Ons stop them doing it. The End …

Sock Ons Baby Accessories

They say the best inventions are the simple ones. The Post-It Note. Velcro. Onesies. They make their millions by meeting a specific need. They’re the ones you wish you’d thought of yourself and taken to the Dragons Den.

I bought a whole box of cute, pastel-shade socks for my little one before she arrived. The first time I actually tried to put them on her, quicker than you can say “put a sock in it” one ended up off the foot, only to mysteriously reappear on the other side of the room. How do they do it? Subsequently tiny odd baby socks have appeared in the washing machine drum, tucked down the side of the pram and, at one childcare appointment, the nurse patiently returned a stray pink sock that we’d left at the previous visit. There was even a note about it on her medical records.

My Mum presented me with a pair of Sock Ons during a recent week-long stay. I spent much of that day marvelling at their effectiveness. Not once did a sock come off. Sock Ons are simple genius.

One word of warning. If, like me, you get carried away and leave socks on whilst changing your baby … beware of the terrible mess the collision of still-socked foot and dirty nappy can create. Sadly, this is based on experience.

Visit the Sock Ons website


What brilliantly simple baby products would you recommend?


12 thoughts on “I Love … Sock Ons

    • Shame! You’ll have to start up an import business 😉 Every so often I think about doing it in the Netherlands for all the good products you can’t find here. Luckily I can ship cheaply from the UK.


  1. Amy is a right monkey with socks at the moment – I think she’s going to be spending the winter wearing tights under her trousers!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x


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