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It feels like forever ago that I was gathering nursery ideas. And now, my little one is nearly three weeks old … 

Three months ago, in the early days of the DamBaby blog, I started looking for inspiration for a nurseryWe already knew we were having a girl at this point, but the lead idea was a baby blue, grey and white. In the end, we didn’t deviate one bit from this colour scheme. I’m delighted with the result – suitably feminine while not a stereotypical princess pink. When she’s older, she can ask for a room like that if she wants.

We ended up finishing the nursery in a mad rush. My waters broke early at 38 weeks, followed by a three-day waiting game before our little one decided to arrive. In these three days we cleared all the cupboards in the house, started (and almost finished) the nursery and bought all the baby goods we’d intended to get already. Nothing like an impending deadline to really get yourself into gear.

Baby nursery design blue grey white

Our nursery room is small. To conserve space, we opted for a cot and chest of drawers only, deciding a wardrobe was unnecessary. Frankly, the cot won’t be used for almost six months but it didn’t feel like a nursery without one.

A chest of drawers with a wide surface area on top is a blessing. This doubles as our baby changing area and the large space  means the changing mat easily fits on top without danger of falling off.

Nursery ideas baby blue grey white

One purchase we’ve made post baby that I would highly recommend: a soft lamp. For late night nappy changes, our overhead light was far too bright for everyone’s sleep-sensitive eyes.

We wondered, when we put a shelf up, what we’d put on it. But you can always fill shelves. Toys, books … we might get some letters spelling her name at some point. The space is easily filled.

Nursery design clothes branch blue grey white

In case you were wondering what we do with the little girl dresses and cardigans with no wardrobe: here’s the much more space-friendly solution. We found a long tree branch from our back garden, painted it grey, and hung it from the wall. You can just about see the fairy lights wrapped around it too. Above is a wall decal which was a total fiddle to stick, but we’re pleased with how it looks. In my opinion, little baby clothes are so gorgeous it’s a shame to hide them away in a wardrobe.

Finally. Two other purchased not shown here that we’re getting great use out of. First – ‘diaper champ’. For some reason in the Netherlands they use the US word diaper instead of nappy. It’s basically a dedicated nappy bin which means you can dispose of a number in the room without mess / smell. I’d read mixed reviews but for us it’s brilliant. Secondly – a small laundry basket. Rather than mix all her little clothes in with ours, life has been made simpler by putting a little separate laundry basket in the nursery.


What would be your essential nursery purchases? Or is there anything you’ve bought which was not needed?


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