Baby Brain


If it’s been extremely quiet on the blog lately, it’s because this happened … 

Amsterdam newborn baby

On Friday 22nd August at 5:09 a.m. we welcomed Vivienne Fleur Marian Sell into the world.

A full 11 days ahead of her due date, at a healthy 7lb 4oz she was more than ready to make an appearance.

I’m not one for sharing details of the birth story unless specifically asked, but enough to say the moment you see the face of your beautiful baby everything that went before is forgotten.



20 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl – congratulations! Such an exciting time. Hope you’re managing to get some rest and enjoy this lovely little time when it’s all still a bubble of newborn cuddles and pyjamas are acceptable form of clothing 24/7! xxx


  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful. I have recently discovered your blog – it’s wonderful and so reassuring! I have been reading every word as we are re-locating to Amsterdam in three weeks time and I am pregnant with our first baby.


    • Congratulations to you on the pregnancy – and the upcoming move! Amsterdam is a great city and and a wonderful place for a family. If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch will be happy to do my best to help 🙂


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