Baby Brain


I used to imagine pregnancy would feel like something from the Alien movies. Turns out I was part right – only it’s more of a love story than a horror story … 

Pregnancy Alien Invader

Image: Flickr / Andy Woo

When I was at school, there was always a group of girls who were desperate to have babies as soon as possible. I could never relate when they spoke about how badly they wanted to have that baby bump. Not only did I have other things in mind for the next decade, the whole concept of pregnancy didn’t seem that appealing. To have an alien life form trespassing for nine months? No thanks.

The biggest fear is fear itself (to slightly misquote Franklin D. Roosevelt). I wouldn’t have called my pregnancy/alien concerns irrational … but the reaction of most people tells me it wasn’t an entirely rational fear either. It was certainly without clear reason – I come from a largish family where everyone’s pro children. It was just something in my own strange brain.

I never thought my biggest fear would become my greatest joy. At about 18 weeks pregnant, after a couple of days of what I mistook for odd indigestion noises, I realised I was experiencing the first flutters of a moving baby. Over the following weeks the odd quiver turned to distinct movements, and now at 34 weeks have become rolling pushes and kicks of distinguishable limbs. But, I’ve become completed enchanted by the magic of this little life inside. Yes, it’s a strange alien trespasser. But it’s my trespasser. Every hiccup and stretch, or need to push a stray little elbow out of my ribs, let’s me know she’s healthy and growing.

So, to my lovely little fidget. Sorry I didn’t think carrying you would be fun. You’ve been a joy. In return, if you could get all the wriggling out the way now and be a calm, snoozy baby that would be much appreciated.


Did anyone else have any irrational, or rational pregnancy fears? Or have you always loved the idea of having the bump?


8 thoughts on “Invader

  1. See I’ve never been scared of pregnancy and have always looked forward to it thinking it would be all nice and lovely (watched too many chick flicks clearly) but I’ve not been lucky enough to have a nice smooth pregnancy! I’d love to have had an enjoyable pregnancy but third (and last) time round and I can’t wait for it to be over!


    • I watched the film ‘what to expect when you’re expecting’ recently … Ok it’s no oscar-winner but thought its at least got a more realistic mix of types of pregnancy. Am fully prepared that a second time round may be totally different! Hope the rest of yours goes ok … Or at least, quickly 🙂


  2. I love the movements – but my husband jokes it’s like there’s an alien in there! I think the visible movements are one of my favourite parts of the latter weeks of pregnancy because they help connect with the baby and remind you there’s a tiny person in there waiting to be born, pretty incredible really. Thanks for linking up to #blogbumpclub again with such a lovely post. x


    • I think my husband is both freaked out and fascinated. He did mention recently that it’s the only way he really knows we’re having a baby (well that and the growing stockpile of baby stuff). Always a pleasure to link to #blogbumpclub 🙂


    • I can believe that. I’m so used to feeling this little person everywhere I go. Got to stage now where my husband can even feel hiccups. Oh god am going to be over emotional pregnant woman just thinking about movements being gone!


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