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Here’s one of the shortest, simplest pieces of advice I’ve been offered about life with children …  

Wisdom about children

You can read endless books, magazines and online articles about children. But it turns out everything you need to know fits onto a small post-it note.

In the centre of the diagram is life before children.  Once they arrive, the spread of life’s emotion stretches. There’s more ‘good’ than you had before. And equally, more ‘bad’.

And that’s pretty much it.


With thanks to my colleague for these words of wisdom. Does anyone else have any straightforward, easily digestible children-related gems to share? Anything that would also fit onto a post-it note welcome.


3 thoughts on “Wisdom

    • Funny, a colleague was asking the other day why parents only seem to say bad things about their children. Maybe the instinct to grumble comes more naturally than the extinct to talk about the good things. Have also made a mental note to try hard not to be negative Mum!


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