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Croissant Sunday

Most of the time during this pregnancy, I’ve tried to make healthy food choices. As a reward, every Sunday we pay a visit to our favourite local Amsterdam bakery for ‘Croissant Sunday’ goodies … 

Pregnant breakfast croissant Sunday


I’m a firm believer in ‘everything in moderation’. That’s my approach to pregnancy too. I’ve stopped drinking, naturally, but if it’s a special occasion I’ll have a half glass of bubbles. I eat (relatively) healthily all through the week, so on Sunday my husband & I treat ourselves to croissants for breakfast.

In Amsterdam, we love our local bakery De Koffie Salon. Open 7 days a week, from 7 until 7 (rare for late-waking Amsterdammers), they make delicious sugary-cinnamon encrusted croissants and decent coffee. It’s a busy hotspot, but with my increasing insomnia an 8 a.m. Sunday pick-up in my pyjamas usually makes me the only person in there.

Usually, I can feel the chilli bean doing little wiggly movements after I’ve eaten. I like to imagine it’s a dance of happiness.


What’s your pregnancy (or non-pregnancy) indulgence? And anyone else in the third trimester find they can’t sleep past 6.30 any more?


4 thoughts on “Croissant Sunday

  1. Yum! Totally worth every single bite. I love croissants. I don’t have a ritual indulgence, but I have been ending most evenings with something sweet. Last night I had Cinnamon Crumb Cake ice cream, which absolutely hit the spot. It has calcium, right?


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