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I Love … Pregnancy Style

Disclaimer: I believe if women want to spend their entire pregnancy wearing sweatpants, dungarees or a boiler suit that’s their prerogative …

There’s far too much attention given to what women look like. I’ve become even more conscious of this since finding out we’re having a girl. When the media describe a woman as ‘getting it wrong’ or ‘getting it right’, chances are they’re talking about the cut of her jeans or showing too much side boob, and not her thoughts on the global economy or the nature of existentialism. This obsession is a massive shame – it detracts from the joy of wearing outfits you love and which make you feel good.

Media BS aside, I often think your external choices reveal a lot about your internal frame of mind. Take my Grandma. At 90-something I marvel at how she continues to look immaculate, and consider this part and parcel of her strong nature, pride and resilience.

When you’re pregnant, you’re forced to make regular wardrobe choices and changes thanks to the unprecedented speed and size of your physical change. My waist went missing weeks ago. Of course you can opt to hide comfortably in sweatpants (aka trackie bottoms to us Brits) for nine months. Or, some days you might decide that you and your bump are beautiful, a blooming miracle, and worth some extra styling.

Now, if the majority of maternity clothing manufacturers could stop making products that are boring, ugly and designed to make pregnant women look matronly that would make the task that bit easier.

Pregnancy Look Book

Below are my personal favourite pregnancy styles.

1. Maxi Skirts

A seasonally versatile marriage of style and comfort.

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Images: Mint Skirt – a.tonagel photography //  Black Skirt – Tumblr // Coral Skirt – Pinterest // Multi-coloured Skirt – Pinterest // Teal Skirt – Tumblr

2. Full-length Dress

Cousin of the maxi skirt, with the potential of added glamour.

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Images: Neutral Dress – Pinterest //  Red Dress – Celebrity-Gossip // Black Dress – Beth Dreyer // Angelina Jolie Dress – Pinterest 

3. Nautical Stripes

You are, after all, the Captain of the bump.

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Images: Striped Top – Pinterest //  Striped Jumper – Pinterest // Striped Dress – A Little Bit of Laquer // Countryside Stripes – Pinterest 

4. Harem / Hammer / Loose-fitting pants

They’re comfy and, in some cases, don’t look like a giant nappy.

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Images: Brown Harem Pants – Bindi Designs //  Black Harem Pants – One Little Momma // Patterned Harem Pants – Katie Did What // Leopard Print Trousers – Glamour Magazine

5. Sweatpants

Last, but by no means least. There are days you just need them.

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Images: Grey Sweatpants – Cleverly, Yours //  Green Sweatpants  – Style Bistro


What’s your pregnancy style – comfort or fashion? And do you also find certain media’s running commentary on pregnant women’s outfits strange?   


2 thoughts on “I Love … Pregnancy Style

  1. Love this post! I think the media puts so much pressure on looking “fab” while pregnant and I guess its because of all the famous people being pregnant and taking snaps on how they look and dress and I have to admit a lot of them do look amazing but they also have stylists and the money to buy whatever they want.

    I did a post on maternity clothes as well because I found it to be such a hassle to buy clothes that look nice and didn’t cost a fortune (I mean you only are wearing it for about 6 months if that) http://firsttimemumguide.wordpress.com/2014/05/20/maternity-clothes-what-to-buy/

    My style was definitely the maxi dress and maxi skirt. It was always so comfortable and flattering on my pregnant body


    • Yes – true about stylists etc. too – it’s not even so much the complementary articles I mind, it’s the critical ones that I can’t stand – and the readers comments that go with them …

      It’s a great article on your blog on maternity clothes, I really like it. Very helpful to have some idea what you need & when!


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