Baby Brain


My husband made this entertaining comment about what we should do once I go into labour … 

Last night was the second of our four childbirth preparation classes. With a focus on labour, the teacher had the group practising a variety of breathing and massage techniques, thinking about how we’ll make the experience as comfortable as possible.

As we walked home from the class, Charlie turned to me with a serious look on his face.

“I’ve been thinking – we should make a plan for when the contractions start.”


“I think we need to go to the shops and make sure we’re stocked up on things like milk.”

(Me, somewhat surprised): “You want to go grocery shopping when my contractions start? Why?!”

“Just in case we have guests while we’re in hospital. We don’t want to have an empty fridge.”

He didn’t understand why I burst out laughing. And have since sent him a diary request to ‘buy milk’ on our due date.

Still, nice to know how the male brain works. Maybe I should add a Daddy Brain section to this blog along with Preggo Brain.


Anyone else have any Fatherly gems they’d like to contribute? I’d love to hear them.


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