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Discovering, at 28 weeks pregnant, that nights out take a different kind of toll but are still 100% worth it … 

“Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, 
kick off your shoes, and dance.”
- Oprah Winfrey

Less than 24 hours ago I returned home from a weekend hen do away. Since then I’ve moved roughly 50 metres, alternating between sleeping and lying on the sofa making requests to Charlie for toast and marmite.

In my head, although my bump is now big enough to rest a cup of tea on, I am mainly unchanged by pregnancy.  I still cycle to work. I still take our hairy mutt for walks in the park and meet friends for dinner.

As I lie here, completely shattered, it might finally be time to accept that at 6-ish months pregnant I can’t party like I used to. I’m not ‘super-pregnant-woman’. I’m regular pregnant woman and I need quality rest – for me and for the chilli bean.

What I will say, though, is going out dancing felt fantastic. As a firm believer that doing the things that make you happy makes for a happy pregnancy (within reason. Tequila excluded), I would absolutely recommend a fun night out to other preggos out there. Despite my day of recovery I’m not putting my dancing shoes away yet – but I have swapped the heels for something flatter.

As a Mummy-friend kindly pointed out on WhatsApp – there will be plenty of time for nights in once the bump is here.

Partying while pregnant – my top tips

1. Flat shoes are your friend

Pregnancy sandals 

2. Sexy dance moves might be logistically impossible

With a bump to manoeuvre around, I’m mostly doing ‘Dads-at-a-wedding’-dancing.

Dad dancing

Gif: Tumblr

3. Know where your nearest seat is

The spirit is willing, but for me pregnancy = more time sitting between dancing. Also, for those moments when the dance floor gets really packed it’s comforting to get the bump out of there.

Pregnant sitting in a club

Image: WordPress

4.  Master your repertoire of soft drinks

I like to mix my drinks. More than two sodas and my teeth start to feel like they have sugary fur jackets on. Virgin mojitos, bitter lemon, Ginger ale with cranberry and classic H2O are all favourites.

Pregnancy soft drinks

Image: Beverage Daily

5. Put yourself first

Dancing is one of the joys of life. I like to think the bump loved a boogie. But I’d have felt no shame in going home before everyone else – I got enough kudos just for being out having a great time. It turns out there’s no need to be a hero.


What are your views on partying while pregnant? And do you agree that you should keep doing the things you love?



6 thoughts on “Partying

  1. Ah! This is fabulous. I have felt the same way throughout my pregnancy: That if I am feeling energetic why not go out and enjoy myself? I am so glad you went for it and continue to enjoy yourself and your partner while you two are a twosome. We have a wedding in 4 days and despite being 9 months pregnant I am hoping to dance along side my man and gals (fingers crossed my water doesn’t break on the dance floor!)


  2. I completely agree! I am the night-owl of the group. I of course get volunteered to be the D.D. and I always agree as long as I’m in bed by 10PM. But now that I’m in the 2nd trimester I’m waiting for my energy to come back. Flats are my friend!


    • The desi driver thing is a funny mixed blessing, sounds like you’ve worked out the best way round it though! Thanks for comment – hope you get your energy back soon so you can take advantage of more fun nights out.


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