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Dentistry (revisited)

Making minor amends for my past snippy post about my dentist and sharing a handy infographic …

One of my first posts on DamBaby was a scathing attack on my ill-mannered dentist. I maintain that healthcare professionals should opt for a soft love approach instead of a teacherly scolding – particularly when dealing with the heightened emotions of a pregnant lady. But, having now made multiple dentist visits in a short number of weeks to fix pregnancy-exacerbated issues I grudgingly concede she was completely right.

My advice: visit your dentist regularly.

My second piece of advice: if you do end up having repeat painful work, this is the perfect opportunity to practise calming yoga breathing techniques. At one point the hygienist asked “can you handle this?” As I made a passable ‘yes’ noise through my uncomfortable position in the dentist’s chair I thought “ok – I’m clearly now ready for childbirth!”

I know they’re not the same thing. No need to tell me. But any mental victory over discomfort makes me feel more courageous so please don’t burst the bubble.    

I’ll leave you with an infographic on ‘how to care for your teeth when pregnant.’ Soft love version: take notice. It’ll be worth it, I promise.

How to Care For Your Teeth When Pregnant


Cover Image: Flickr


Do any other pregnant women declare an emotional victory to themselves when they overcome something mildly painful or difficult? Or am I just strange?


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