I Love ...

I Love … Pregnancy Pillow

A short post to introduce my ultimate pregnancy purchase … 

When I was about 12 weeks pregnant, at the recommendation of a friend, I made my first pregnancy purchase: my pregnancy pillow.

This simple, squishy, mouldable, u-shaped sack of beans is a revelation. As a serial sleep-fidget, known to completely traverse a bed while snoozing, being comfortably tucked into one place is a very good thing. The bigger I get, the better the benefit.

The only downside? My love for my new best friend is making my husband jealous. Probably doesn’t help that I’ve named the pillow Philip.

Pregnancy pillow amsterdam prenatal

My pillow, from prenatal in Amsterdam, is technically a doomoo ‘voedingskussen’ (baby feeding pillow), but it serves dual purposes. Handy, as it’s not cheap. Final note. If you browse for pillows online, you can find monster-size body engulfing ones. I’ve only tried this smaller version, but it’s plenty big enough.


What’s your ultimate pregnancy purchase? Or are you a man who has also been replaced by a pillow?


6 thoughts on “I Love … Pregnancy Pillow

  1. I have been on the fence all pregnancy long about buying or not buying a sleep pillow. Now at 35 weeks, I think it is time to finally “cheat” on my husband and purchase a pillow, if only to help with the hip pains that come at this time of pregnancy! But, my ultimate pregnancy purchase has been my nursery room glider. I want to live in that! Good luck with your baby growing!!


    • Do it! Cheat! You won’t regret it …
      I’m very interested to hear your ultimate purchase – I’ve not come across nursery gliders before. That’s something new to browse for as I wait impatiently for the next 15 weeks to pass!
      Thanks for the comment, and good luck to you for your last few weeks …


  2. I also held off buying a pregnancy pillow just due to the fact that I thought it was so expensive but i went to a baby expo over the weekend and like yours i purchased a pregnancy and feeding pillow in one and it was half price which ended up costing me AUD$20! i thought what a bargain. I really just use it to put it in between my legs as its not that big but at least I know I can use it as a feeling pillow and also can be used to prop up the baby when he/she starts sitting up


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