Baby Brain


24 weeks in, making a list of the 10 greatest things about being pregnant … 

1. You have a comfortable place to put your hands when you sit

At 24 weeks, my belly now makes a convenient resting spot.

Pregnant Hands on Belly

Image: Wonder Woman

2. No drinking = no hung over liver ache

Not drinking for nine months is pretty boring. But waking up every weekend bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and remembering every conversation is a bonus. Not so great, though, for the drinkers whose antics you can recall in minute detail.

No Pregnancy Hangover

Image: We Love Cult

3. You can make unreasonable food demands – or unreasonable demands full stop.

There were two weeks during the first trimester where every day I specifically craved one food type. One day this was chicken kiev and beans. When my husband couldn’t find it in the supermarket, upon my request he found a home-made kiev recipe and made it from scratch. A lot of brownie points were won that day.

Unreasonable pregnancy demands

Source: Tumblr

4. You can blame every idiotic comment and action for 9 months on ‘preggo brain’

I’m forever putting things down and immediately forgetting where I put them.

Pregnancy forgetfulness

Image: DP Review

5. Comfortable clothing is in

Just ask Mila Kunis. She knows.

Comfortable pregnancy clothing Mila Kunis

Image: Daily Mail

6. Your dreams take on incredible flights of fantasy

Admittedly some nights my over-active brain has produced dreams that play like a David Cronenberg film, but on the whole they’re fantastic epics of wild imagination and haywire hormones.

Crazy pregnancy dreams

Image: zerochan

7. You can finally force your partner to clear out his ‘man cupboard’ to make space for the baby

Those shelves filled entirely by random wires, broken electronics and memorabilia from nights out 10 years ago? – that’s going to have to go …

Man Cupboard Contents

Image: Paul Nettleton, WordPress

 8. Chivalry

You get a seat in bars and offers to carry your bags. Not only from men – there are some very chivalrous women out there too.

Pregnancy Chivalry

Image: Telegraph

9. Counting off major milestones

Days and weeks gain a whole new level of significance:

12 weeks: First scan. Confirmation that you haven’t invented being pregnant & that baby is healthy.

13 weeks: Enter the second trimester. Time for that ‘glow’ to arrive.

20 weeks: Last major scan. Opportunity to find out gender and marvel at how much baby has changed in 8 weeks.

24 weeks: 50% survival rate if baby born now.

Pregnancy Days Tally Marks

Image: Wikia

10. Everywhere you go, you have company 

This is the one I pity men for not being able to experience. On the bike, in the bath, at my desk, during yoga … little bean is always with me. Sometimes we chat. Sometimes during a meeting she starts doing somersaults, which can liven it up no end. In a strange way, I’m going to miss her when she’s here.

pregnant on bicycle

 Image: FemSide


Would you add anything to this list? Let me know below



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