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I Love … Nursery Design Ideas

A small room fit for a non-stereotypical princess … 

It’s a funny thing, nursery design.

The first question you end up asking yourself is – why bother at all? From everything people tell me they sleep with you for the first few months.  Then after that they will have absolutely no awareness of the time and love you’ve possibly dedicated to making sure cot, dresser, curtains and bedding work in perfect harmony.

Out of curiosity, I googled “why bother decorating a nursery”

There are plenty of parents out there in support of the ‘keep it functional, save the cost’ line of thinking. If you’re interested, read this or this or this for starters.

Even so, despite the lack of practical need, I can’t wait to get decorating. Because:

  1. I love interior decoration, so it will give me pleasure.
  2. As a first-time Mum I still can’t get my head around the idea that this bump will be a baby. Every preparation step helps it feel more real and me more ready.
  3. It’s something my husband & I can do together. I’m not saying he loves picking out curtains, but he’s excited for this baby too and wants to be involved wherever possible.

Blue for a boy, pink for a girl?

Having decided nursery is go, the next question is – how to decorate it? We know we’re having a girl. Does that mean we should cover everything with pink, fluffiness and sparkles? What message does that give? Maybe we should choose a unisex palette to show we’ve got no stereotypical gender expectations?

Oh my god it’s a minefield! Is this what being a parent is like?!?

Enough of the melodramatics. Instead, I’ll start gathering some different design ideas and see what we ultimately end up with.

Lead Idea: Baby blue, grey and white nursery 

Feminine, in a way that won’t make my husband weep rainbows.Baby Blue Nursery Design

Tiffany Blue Nursery Mural

Aqua Grey Nursery Design

Baby blue fairytale nurseryBaby girl blue fairytale nursery







Pale blue world nursery

Images: Style Me Pretty // WordPress // Pinterest // Project Nursery // Project Nursery // Jeito de Casa 

Ideas gathering underway. I’ll come back in time if I have new inspiration, or decide to scrap this completely.


What’s your thoughts on nursery decor? A waste of time, money and energy or a lovely part of the process? And do you think baby blue is ok for a girl?





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