I Love ...

I Love … Pregnancy Oil

Don’t worry about stretch marks, just enjoy the smell  …

Most women who go through pregnancy get stretch marks. As this is my first I’m not speaking from experience, but purely from some very light internet research. Depending on the source, the figure can be as high as 90% of all pregnant women.

Against these odds – and the fact that there’s no known prevention – efforts to oil and moisturise your body until it takes on the consistency of a seal seem futile.

Even so, I am a huge advocate of massage oil, more specifically, L’Occitane en Provence Almond Supple Oil.

L’Occitane En Provence Almond Oil


Having checked and confirmed with my local store that it’s suitable for pregnant women – which not all oils are – I’ve since been starting every day with a post-shower, almond-scented massage.

I happily accept it may make no difference to my post-baby appearance. I’m just enjoying the few minutes of me-time applying it, and smelling sweet as a nut.


Has anyone tried any other oils or moisturisers they’d recommend? And, whether you’re male or female, do you care at all about stretch marks?




2 thoughts on “I Love … Pregnancy Oil

  1. Hi, I used bio oil through out (it takes a week or so for your skin to learn to suck it all in – to start with, it just seems to stick on the top layer of skin etc), and I didn’t get ANY stretch marks. But I think it may be genetics which is the determining factor, not the oil that you use. It was very lovely to have soft as a peach skin through out though. xxx


    • Thanks for the comment … I’m just trying to accept that whatever I look like after is part of the joy of pregnancy. Still using the oil every day though, just in case … 🙂


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