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Discovering, as I reach week 22 of my great first-time pregnancy adventure, that it can be a barrel of laughs …

So far, I feel like I’ve been unbelievably lucky. One of the first questions I get asked when people find out I’m pregnant – after ‘how many weeks’ – is if I’ve been sick. The boring but happy answer is no. The incredible sleep-monster who snoozes on the sofa from around 6.30pm, yes, but I managed to neatly side-step the vomiting part.

In fact, up until almost 20 weeks, there were days I could almost forget about the miraculous alien invasion growing within. Then one day, almost from nowhere, our little girl woke up and decided it was time to start some serious dancing and growing.

Those Pesky Old Wives

I’ve read plenty of old wives tales that try to predict whether you’re having a boy or girl. Fast heartbeat? Boy. Craving sweet food? Girl. Having had our 20-week ultrasound, confirming ours is a mini madam, we’ve now stopped the entertaining but dubious guessing game. BUT. If those old wives had been able to get their hands on me, I’m pretty sure they’d have said the same. Because, true to myth, day by day I am turning into some sort of human barrel.

22 weeks pregnant, pregnancy belly, pregnant barrel

What a Waist

A few days ago, I tried to finish off a simple dress outfit with a waist belt, only to discover my waist no longer existed, or had been shunted somewhere further up my body.

Still there is something amazingly comforting, both from the nightly acrobatics being performed and from the rapid growth that lets me know that all is well in there.

If this is the worst thing that happens, maybe pregnancy will be a barrel of laughs.


Those of you who’re pregnant / have children – did you read any of the old wives tales on gender? Were they right? Let me know below. 


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